Personal Assistance

We love running errands.  Allow us to help you with all of your daily personal tasks.  We are happy to pick up your dry cleaning and place it neatly in your closet for you while you are at the office.  Let us do your grocery shopping for you.  We want to know your favorite brand of toothpaste and ice cream and protein bars so that we can make sure you always have the things you like most.  Not sure what to purchase for someone special?  We are here to help you.  Each Assistant is well educated, highly cultured and has travelled extensively throughout the country and around the world.  We love an exciting project and are always happy to assist with your next swashbuckling adventure.   Just say the word and we will handle whatever needs to be done to make your life simpler and more fun.


Home Management

Imagine not worrying about communicating with your housekeeper and what day she's coming ever again.  We want to remove all the stress associated with home keeping from your life so that you have the freedom and the time to focus on the things in life that matter most to you.  What could you do if an Assistant were always available to meet with service professionals and could manage projects for you?  What if we were there to set up, organize, and maintain the order,  functionality, and aesthetics of your home for you and for any special guests you may spontaneously choose to entertain?  What if your home made you feel like you were living in a fabulous luxury resort everyday?


Special Attention

Dare to dream Big!  Our Assistants are exceptionally skilled and highly motivated to helping you get where you want to be.  What if your only limitation was the ability to imagine a world where there really was another person whose number one goal was enhancing your happiness by simply focusing their time and energy on helping meet your daily needs so you would have more time and energy for whatever matters most you?  What would you request?  Would you ask for a home cooked meal served when you arrived home from work or would you have someone coordinating with your assistant at the office to know when you have important meetings so she can always make sure that your favorite suit is waiting and ready in the closet for you to wear?  Would you have an assistant pack you for trips and unpack your things when you arrive home so you never had to worry about what to wear or the hassle of taking care of your pack when you roll in off the road from your latest adventure?  What if all you had to do was ask?

Next Steps...

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