Brooke Kendall

Founder and Owner

Who We Are

We are peers, the names and faces you find in publications, the chairpersons for well known galas, fundraisers, and organizations in our community, project managers for our own decorating and construction projects, the person at the helm of private events to entertain friends, family, and sometimes groups in our community, the person at the table beside you at dinner, and much more.  We are contemporaries actively participating within the same world as our clients and as such we have unparalleled experience and a unique opportunity for providing superior service with the ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our clientele.

Assistant on Call is a predominately Atlanta based boutique personal concierge service comprised of well vetted, intelligent, sophisticated and accomplished women who were carefully selected to participate in our firm based on a number of distinct characteristics including their background, organizational skills, ability to multitask well and with efficiency, attention to even the smallest details, and most importantly their deep desire and ability to help others.

Our Story

Assistant on Call is the vision of founder and owner Brooke Kendall.  When people say 'birds of a feather flock together' they must have been speaking of Brooke and her talented group of colleagues who assembled to form Assistant on Call as a result of their collective love for helping others and their deep desire to extend that specialized attention beyond the boundaries of their own friends and families.

Assistant on Call truly is the point where passion meets opportunity.   It's the place where extremely intelligent and highly functioning individuals who may just want someone else to help have a platform for using their time and skills to enrich the lives of another who might just be wishing for a little break and a hand along the way.  Everybody wins...

Meet Our Team

We are dedicated to delivering superior service and thrilled to have an opportunity to help you!

AOC. Mandy Black

Mandy Black

Lead Personal Assistant

AOC. Jennifer Minton

Jennifer Minton

Personal Assistant

AOC. Tara Pridgen

Tara Pridgen

Personal Assistant

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